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About Us

Welcome to SkyAGift

SkyAGift is initiated with a big heart.  
Our exclusive collections tells the stories of sustainability in preserving traditions, empowering women artisans, wellness and reducing the environmental footprint. 

Vintage Saree Collection

Inspired by universal ethics, our designer has blended selected vintage saree scraps and designed beautiful collection. Each is made unique  and non have the same pattern outcome.

Balinesia Silk Batik Scarves

Beautifully designed and premium ethical gift, handcrafted 100% silk & hand-finished with traditional technique in Bali by inspirational artists and textile designers.

Handmade Accessories

Majority of our accessories are handmade with care by women artisans around the world, partner with mission-based company that fund those artisans to startup, buy materials needed, provide training and joys to help their local community etc. as we believe in providing employment especially the women, will empowering them to provide for their families to improve their lives and future.

Lifestyle & Wellness
These are things, thoughts and actions that make us happy and the people around us feeling that too.  The choice is ours - find a gift here that you know can deliver that!

We will be happy to assist you in any special requests.
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At SkyAGift, we know you are loved!