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Product Care

General Care
Special care is needed, if gentle hand wash in cold water with mild detergent and dry flat in the shade.
100% silk scarves are Dry Clean Only. 

General Care
All Skyagift apparel comes with care instructions specific to the item. Please follow the label’s care recommendation.
Skyagift is not liable for items damaged due to improper care.

General Care
We recommend always remove jewellery before cleaning or exercising. 

Plated Jewellery
Due to the nature of plated jewellery we suggest following these guidelines to maintain your piece.  Scented products such as perfumes, colognes and lotions contain chemicals that can react with plating and discolour or fade jewellery. Body chemistry and moisture can also effect a plated piece – a high skin PH balance will greatly speed up wear on a plated item.
Plated jewellery should never be worn during activities that involve water such as showering or pool/beach activities as chlorine and salt water will effect plating. When removing jewellery for these purposes be sure to store in a dry area. Friction or contact with a hard surface can produce scratches or wear to the piece.
If necessary, use warm water with a mild, fragrance-free soap to clean plated items. Gently pat dry with a clean cotton or microfibre cloth. Most jewellery cleaners contain chemical elements that will slowly wear and fade plating over time.

Sterling Silver
Sterling silver can be cleaned with a sterling silver polishing cloth.  Silver polishing cloths are available at major supermarkets, at hardware stores and at jewellery stores. Avoid chlorine water and rubbing with paper products, which can scratch the silver. Store pieces in a cool dry place away from light and air to prevent excess tarnishing. We recommend using the sterling silver specific liquid jewellery cleaner. For pieces containing stones, pearls and crystals, we recommend using the polishing cloth only, as the liquid can damage some stones.

Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Always separate from other jewellery to prevent scratching and remove before showering or cleaning. Polish gently using yellow gold specific polishing cloth.

Zamac (Zamak)
Zamak is an alloy made of copper, zinc, magnesium and aluminium that is very useful for making jewels and pieces of imitation jewellery because it has a high degree of hardness, which makes it very resistant.
It is a material that does not produce allergies, looks great on jewels. It is a material that does not get dirty easily, and is easily cleaned in a simple way. However, like many materials, it has a disadvantage, and it is that this alloy is susceptible to moisture, so you should avoid humid environments to store them, so as to avoid corroding.
Also to keep in mind when you have zamak jewellery is that when the pieces are already several years old, they can lose their shine; however, when keeping them clean by following the recommendations on their care, they can last for many years.

  • Never use cleaning solutions that contain acids
  • Use sponges or bristle brushes
  • Use a mild detergent soap or a solution of white vinegar and water
  • After cleaning the pieces, they should always be dried very well with a towel that is dry in order to make them shine and prevent the material from corroding.

Other things to be considered are:-
Use metal clean suede, use silver cleaning wipes, always use neutral soap with water, keep your zamak pieces in safe places, protect them in organza or cellophane bags, avoid direct contact with abrasive products, be careful with perfumes. All these tips will help you to keep your jewellery in very good condition, and you can avoid deterioration, lack of brightness, or dark spots. In this way, you can keep all your imitation jewellery or jewels made with this material for many years.

Glass beads
There are many different ways to clean glass beads but the following are the more common methods. Using a household glass cleaner spray sparingly a few beads at a time and using a soft absorbent cloth wipe the cleaner off the beads. Keep spraying the cleaner on a few of the beads at a time until all the beads are polished. You can also follow the same procedure with rubbing alcohol, using a small cloth to rub the alcohol over the beads until they are clean and shiny.  Like most things, glass beads will dull over time particularly when worn against the skin or left out on display.

It should be treated with shoe polish, cream or wax in the appropriate colour. This will re-nourish and condition the leather and reduce the likelihood of it becoming brittle and cracking. Note: Beads on leather thongs should be removed before the leather is treated to protect them.

Wood Jewellery
Caring for wood jewellery properly will insure a long life for your piece of wearable art. 
Wearing:  Avoid the use of hair spray, perfumes, lotions etc. while wearing your jewellery. In addition also avoid contact with soaps, insect repellents, sunscreens or any harsh chemicals. Such products may cause discolouration or damage.
Cleaning:  You may use a dab of beeswax or mineral oil sparingly to bring up the shine, though overuse will create an unsightly build-up. Apply as per manufacturer’s instructions.  Also, if you notice your piece is beginning to look a little dull, simply use a cotton cloth to buff in the direction of the wood grain. Storage:  When not being warn, do not leave your wood jewellery in your car, in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. We recommend storing your jewellery in an air-tight bag at room temperature in a dark place. Your wood jewellery is water resistant but should not be immersed in water or kept in high humidity; if it does get wet however, immediately dry it.

Take extra care and avoid exposure to perfumes, hairs products, lotions, soaps, oils and household chemicals.

Wrap bracelets should not be worn in or exposed to water.

All Skyagift jewellery comes with a soft velvet pouch or small bag. Store and protect your jewellery in our pouch when not being worn.

To help ensure the longevity of the products, please follow these steps!

If you have any additional questions regarding product care, please contact