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Gift Bundles - Solid Shampoo & Sponge Soap Set - Wellness

Gift Bundles - Solid Shampoo & Sponge, Soap Set

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Looking for a great gift bundle?
Introducing our perfect bathroom kit makes one feel totally pampered and refreshed.  
This bundle comes as a cleansing bathroom kit, that has been carefully selected to give you all the tools you need to give yourself the ultimate pampering session!
From natural soap slice to Konjac sponge and to solid shampoo, you will have everything required to give your skin and hair extra care and attention.

What is in this bundle:
1) Lavender Olive Oil Soap Slice
Lavender is believed to be antiseptic and wound-healing due to the tannins it contains, and this may also help to protect the skin. Its essential oil gives it a calming and relaxing fragrance. This olive oil soap is hand made using traditional cold process making method and are also SLS and parabens free. The natural fat may help to provide protection, improve skin tone, softness and youth of skin through restructuring oil action.
2) Coconut and Lime Argan Solid Shampoo Slice 115g
Made with lime essential oil and coconut fragrance for an exotic, fruity scent, this shampoo may help to rehydrate dull or dry hair and to nourish and restore lustre for a sparkling clean result.
Our formula is made with an argan oil base and is SLS free. Handmade with essential oils and beautiful vivid colours, these soaps are ideal for travelling with no chance of spillage.
3)Pink Japanese Natural Konjac Sponge - This 100% natural sponge has a soft texture, a natural facial and body cleansing sponge made out of vegetable fibres of Konjac root. Since they are made with a natural element, you can compost it once you're done with it! We recommend exfoliating daily or 3-4 times a week if you have sensitive skin.

How to use:
Soak the sponge in water until it expands (optional) add a bit of your favourite face wash onto the sponge.  Use a circular motion to gently but effectively exfoliate your face.  Squeeze and leave to dry.
Nature Sisal Soap Bag - This Soap Bag is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. You just pop your soap slice inside - tighten with toddle - and you have the perfect exfoliating and cleansing bathroom accessory!